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Gary' s Story

 My name is Gary Cohen and I have been successfully wagering through pari-mutuel race tracks for over 40 years. I enjoy directly attending the races when they are available but today access to race tracks all over the USA are available right from your home.
To overcome the takeout has always been the challenge that any player must solve. My success has come from hard work and an understanding that overlays have been the best way to overcome the % takeout.  
In recent years that has become more challenging but today breaking even can still bring excellent profits. The reason being is that there are legal places to make wagers that will pay you a daily rebate that can allow you to break even and still make over double digit % profit on your investments. Imagine playing over $200,000 in a calender year and your actual return is zero but the rebates added up to 15% or $30,000. 

There are a variety of advance deposit wagering (ADW) sites to choose from and all of them offer some type of rebate or bonus program. Pari-mutuel wagering with take outs from 15% TO 26% is hard to overcome and to help you we have found the best concierge service to place your wagering play where you can receive the maximum referral rebates to help you overcome the takeout that horse, harness and greyhound tracks extract out of every dollar you play. 
This website is not owned by this organization but by a very satisfied player that is interested in helping you have the best opportunity to make your wagering experience profitable. What is in it for me? I receive a referral commission for signing you up.  I do not receive any commission on players you may sign up.
If you looking to receive a better return on your investment you need to be with a program that offers you the best service and support. 
Some of the extra benefits offered are as follows:

  • Wager by phone, online though your PC, or file upload your plays. 
  • All wagers are made into legalized parimutuels tracks and directly into their pools.
  • Excellent support to help you with any questions or concerns.
  • Extra Bonus programs available including free use of a condo
  • A comprehensive group of about 140 race tracks for your wagering are available as follows:
  • Greyhounds
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Harness

How many race tracks are available

  • There are over 140 tracks available from Horses, greyhounds and harness. 
  • All wagers are co-mingled in to the live pari-mutuel pools.
  • The online wagering site has a easy entry method and a very comprehensive way of entering in a variety of combinations quickly. 
  • You are even able to immediately cancel any wager you make for any reason. 
  • Payoffs show up immediately after official at the track. 
  • There is the ability to send in file upload to place a quantity of bets at many race tracks during the day or night. 
  • There is too much to just tell you what is available but they have complete tracking of all plays by detail of the type of wager and what date and race. 
  • If you prefer to call in your wagers the call center is immediately responsive and that is where you need to place Twin-Trifecta and Tri-Super wagers as they are required to be verbally exchanged.
  •  On a separate website you will be able to track your current balance and any referrals from your play or commissions you are receiving from players you have referred in to the program. 
  • To add or be sent money is very simple and efficient.
  • All organizations are based in the U.S.A.

How do you contact me?

How do you contact me to get referred in to this program?
My name is Gary Cohen and I can be reached by email only at this time. 

Contact Information

Gary Cohen 978-457-6777 or email: garycohen@comcast.net